The most important thing to understand

The most important thing to understand

When you write a letter, invite me to work with you and begin to follow the recommendations, then you agree that I should start an internship for you. Take this event responsibly.

Please do not count on the fact that everything will be fine at once. I am not called upon to do well. We do it effectively together.


Changes will begin in your life, which in most cases will first look like it was bad, and then it got even worse. All the turbidity, dirt, pain from inside you will rise and can cause a flurry of emotions and a flurry of actions from the outside world. You will have a personal Apocalypse. Although, perhaps, you belong to the category of lucky people whom the Spirit personally favors... We'll see.

At my desk, people also go through the necessary pain, which I quickly transform and remove. If you are far away and you need help, then you must understand that there will be pain. But it will not be the sluggish misunderstanding of what is happening that you had before, it will be our joint creation of your destiny.

Everyone, of course, has this process individually, but eighty percent of people have a negative appearance. A person needs to be "cleared" both inside and outside to accept new energy.

You need to be turned on in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, at the beginning of the practice, you may feel fatigue, lethargy, apathy, and exacerbation of diseases. The temperature may rise. The pain and heaviness will come out. But since you have been accumulating suffering for years, then you need to make maximum efforts not to live like this anymore.

It is necessary to perform practices and engage in the physical body. This is the resource that you have. It is necessary to strengthen the body, because it is through it that a huge part of the energy passes.

When the energy goes — it does not sort out how "good" you are. It just comes in, breaks through the stagnation and brings everything that slows you down to the surface. That's how the System works.

There is nothing human in the power that will come to you and pass through you. Accept this as a fact. Accept it as a deliverance. And rejoice. They work with you. You have been personally noticed.

Can we change fate together? The answer is unequivocal. Yes. But I need your cooperation. Although you may start to hate me... It beautiful You can even ask me to cancel everything. And this is already unrealistic...

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