Breathing practices

Girl in meditation

This section presents various methods of working with the body and consciousness through breathing. They are called yoga practices, Sufi practices, etc. With the same success, you can write the words "shamanic", "spiritual", "ancient". In general, no matter who you take, all the exercises are suitable.

It is impossible to invent hundreds of techniques in this direction. Their number is limited. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that they are all time-tested. Many of them are variations on the vipassana theme of the Buddha's favorite practice.

I offer the simplest, most beloved and most effective ones for work. Perhaps you will experience them all, or perhaps you will immediately fall in love with one of them.

You can do it at any time, but only on an empty stomach, i.e. at least three hours after a solid meal. If you ate something light, then you can have a two-hour turn. Open the material A rational approach to nutrition. It contains links to articles about how much certain foods are digested.

Breathing has the greatest impact on our energy, because we, as matter, are only vibration, as are all objects in the universe. Breathing increases the vibration of subtle bodies and, through concentration training, trains the space of the mind and gets rid of disturbing emotions.

Farewell to the army of dwarfs

From personal experience, I would add that after any breathing practice, it is good to concentrate on the area in the middle of the chest or on the area that is currently giving you trouble: injury, disturbing organ, anxious head;. They concentrated, presented their "sufferings" as an army of gnomes, and gave the order to the gnomes to leave the body. Let them come out in orderly rows. I'm not joking about the gnomes. This association works most effectively.You can also train your mind control. Whether you do concentration while sitting or lying down doesn't matter. It should just be convenient.

Then, when you get up, be sure to stretch and stretch. If you want great results, add physical exercises after practice. Although there would be 5-10 squats, push-ups, etc.

Just please don't negotiate with yourself that you will make two or three times more tomorrow. We don't need this abstract future. Tomorrow you are doing practice again and 10 more sit-ups and push-ups after breathing. You tell your brain any number that corresponds to the concept of "easy" for you. We have done more — excellent.After a week or a month, the number of repetitions will increase naturally.The main thing in practices is not quantity. The main thing is consistency. This is the discipline of the mind.

I strongly recommend constant work with the brain, through the most accessible mechanism of the body, breathing. It is only when you learn to interact with your mind that your energy level will grow.No options. Without a doubt.

Breathing practices are the best way to enter into meditation. During meditation, the metabolism decreases. If it decreases by more than 25 percent, then the person stops feeling the body. And this means that the body is comfortable because you are no longer bothered by physiological processes, the mind is comfortable because you stop associating yourself with your thoughts, and energies fill the body.

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