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Love and Death from the perspective of quanta

Love and Death from the perspective of quanta

Love is the highest frequency type of energy in the Universe. I mean not the usual human love as a form of imprinting (sticking to the images of the past) and experiencing childhood neuroses because of different variants of parental behavior. Parents, of course, love their offspring both on the biological, and on the emotional, and on the mental levels... But by their behavior they often lay down in the children stereotypes of relationships, which in the future lead them to dependencies on rewards and punishments. And this "millennial neurosis" of humanity is then transferred to the attitude towards the quantum system, i.e. to God, who either rewards or punishes. And you need to both fear and love him, otherwise "suddenly" something might go wrong...

In the human sense, such an attitude becomes the basis of low self-esteem, from which a person often can not get out of his whole life. Such people react to any external influences that do not fit into their picture of the world with resentment and aggression.

Neuroses close the way

So what — a person who gets angry and offended — bad? No, of course not. Just in his brain formed a neuronal arc, which faster than a person can realize, reacts in this way to what is happening. This is a neurosis. And a person is able to get rid of it personally or with the help of specialists. But you need to get rid of it.

Neuroses close the way to energy practices, because most of the energy is concentrated on the neurosis.

Neuroses are not obvious, but hide under "correctness" and "honesty". Such people often say that they do not tolerate liars and do not accept deception. But why shout about it on every occasion? This is not at all an "active life position", as it is customary to think.

Suppose you do not like some product, but you do not report it proudly, expressing your indignation: like "all people who eat tomatoes are vicious". So it is with deception...

A person does not accept deception abstractly. He just does not like all the "creatures" who deceived him or are going to deceive him. Because if a person did not have such an experience, then the rejection would not have formed into such a bright "struggle with unjust behavior".

  • And what is the first reaction of a person to unjust behavior? Anger, of course.
  • And what is hidden behind anger? Resentment, of course.
  • And what is resentment? A typical behavioral reaction of a neurotic, behind which lies low self-esteem, even if a person behaves emphatically "independently and freely".
  • And what do we have as low self-esteem? That's right — an inflated sense of self-importance. Like, how dare you do that to me?

Well, he dared... Well, he did... So this is not your problem. In general — not yours, but only of the one who in this way closes the possibilities of his future. He does not deceive you. He deceives himself.

And you just need to say "bye" and calmly follow on. Do not need to "cure" and "save" anyone by means of your own life time.

Delivering from ignorance is the mathematical role of the soul, which will calculate everything and make a verdict. And the retribution will always strictly correspond to the deed.


Love from the point of view of the quantum world is the highest frequency type of energy. And you can't just get this energy for use. You can only tune in to it. Very simple.

Everything in the Universe is vibration. When the vibration of space at the next birth of our Universe was maximal, then on this vibration all the atoms were created. From that moment the number of atoms in the Universe does not change, but the atoms themselves, naturally, constantly transform, as we do with you. Everything is logical and clearly built.

Therefore, it can be argued that, considering creation from the perspective of quanta, there is no death and can not be. There is only transformation of matter, which leads to higher degrees of cognition of the essence of creation.

If a person is dissatisfied with creation...

In this three-dimensional world everything comes down to two things — Love and Death. Either one or the other works.

Death is a compilation of all human fears and anxieties.

Love is a general designation of all goods and pleasures. To which belong primarily relationships and various states of happiness. Although you understand, happiness is a very conditional concept. Someone ate today.... Someone had sex... Someone won the lottery... Someone got divorced... Someone earned... Someone made a breakthrough in science... Someone worked hard in the gym... Someone... Always these different someone... But the release of hormones of pleasure always goes by one and the same evolutionary scenario.

If a person is constantly dissatisfied with creation, then God, manifested in the quanta of energy, does not care about it. Energy fixed the result of brain activity. And in the electromagnetic fields and in the heart center Atman it was written — dissatisfied entity. Not conscious, not developed being. Fine... Let's go to death... Death. Reboot. Plus ten, twenty, a hundred lives. Honest result for God. Dishonest — for the dissatisfied being: "Ouch, I suffered so much, and you did not understand me". Not a problem. Really — not a problem.

Closeness with God

Over time, a person will learn to live beautifully: to treat everything living with care and to act consciously in everything. Only in this case his neurons will at least slightly approach the rapid movement of quanta. Here and the act of enlightenment, which comes naturally, as a completely new way of thinking.

The faster the neurons work, the closer we are to God... Well... We understand him faster. Do not whine, do not ask unnecessary questions. And do what is required, not wanting anything in return.


Absolutely everything we already have. And always was. And always will be. Because we consist of the same quantum units as God. Everything is very-very simple. By all parameters.

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