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Astral travel and the principle of quantum mechanics

Astral travel and quantum mechanics

The process of receiving energy from the cosmos and connecting it with the original energy of a person can rightly be called the highest spiritual practice. By the concept of "the highest spiritual practice" I mean any kind of cooperation — this is interaction with the System of God, and communication with each other, and, of course, exchange of energy during intimacy: God, Friendship, Love.

The exchange of energy with the System forms the Immortal body, which we also call the Soul, the dream body, the astral body.

The body for moving between dimensions can be so dense that it feels absolutely physical. And depending on what and how you feel, you apply those laws of physics.

For life on Earth, the causal classical mechanics of Newton, which substantiates the world as a system of material points with coordinates and impulses and describes the laws of interaction between them, is suitable.

For flights — quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is not logical physics, which assumes and predicts. And it implies the principle of uncertainty, according to which it is impossible to simultaneously determine the position and momentum of a particle with absolute accuracy. This is the corpuscular-wave dualism or quantum-wave dualism. Corpuscle in translation from Latin — tiny flesh, particle. Now this outdated term is replaced by modern concepts of molecule or atom.

Flights between dimensions are based on the principle of quantum-wave dualism — the principle of duality of matter.

We are energy manifested in matter. Energy is not only our electromagnetic fields, but also our physical bodies.

I remind you that matter consists of atoms, atoms of nuclei and electrons.

The nucleus of an atom consists of protons and neutrons, and they in turn of fundamental indivisible particles. So — all these wonderful elementary particles can be both a wave and matter. They are matter because they have mass. Masses do not have only our favorite particles of light — photons. Therefore, the more space our Soul occupies in space, the more photons we pass through ourselves.

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