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Desires: how fear leads to pain, and relaxation to bliss?

Desires: how fear leads to pain, and relaxation to bliss?

Have you noticed that often desires are fulfilled very strangely? And the desire seems to be good, but as soon as it begins to come true, you already want to cancel it in the process. Or even worse: here it is — the dream came true. But it brought with it such difficulties, emotional torments and troubles that the person feels at a dead end and does not know how to get out.

Suppose the call to fate for "your person" worked: "He/she loves me". Euphoria! But joy in most cases is not long. The partner "suddenly" begins to show qualities that you tried not to notice before living together. But — too late. Too late to "open your eyes". It's time to close them to everything that is happening, otherwise you can go crazy from "happiness". And "happiness" has already settled on your head, actively commands, tells you how to live, and is not going to give up positions. And where to go now to get rid of the domestic tyrant? Nowhere. The jealous and resentful despot has already registered on the square meters of your property. And now you adjust to the circumstances, learn to endure and gradually become a philosopher.

Another common story — money. You dreamed of becoming a millionaire, finally earned, collected capital and are confident that the world is at your feet. Luck favors — all deals end in your favor! And then you decide to multiply...

Smart financiers say that you need to form a financial portfolio, put money under 1-2 percent and sleep peacefully. But will you listen to them when you "feel" that a little more and it will be very much?

You invest in projects under 20-30 percent per annum or play on the stock exchange. You lose a large amount. But you do not stop, because you urgently "need to recoup". And repeat the combination. And now you are not a big man in business, but a man with big debts. External attributes — cars, apartments, houses — remained the same, but there is no money. And you start not from scratch, but from a fat minus. Lost and angry.

In such situations, people often think that God is mocking them. They try to find the culprit in the troubles. They ask for an explanation: "Why do their desires come true in such a peculiar way?"

Indeed, there is nothing "terrible" in asking fate for a loved one, money, luck? Of course, there is nothing "terrible" in such requests, but in the end it becomes scary from what has happened. What is the catch?

You want, because you are afraid

Of course, you know that in the life of each there is a law of cause and effect. It is often called karma. I call it the Law of Retribution. We have already touched on this topic in the article The Law of Retribution against the 'Irreparable Good'.

This law is most clearly expressed in the well-known proverb "what you sow, you will reap". No one argues... And now let's see how the Law of Retribution manifests itself in the fulfillment of desires.


If the desire comes from the mind, then, no matter how outwardly good it may seem to you, when you fulfill the desire, you get the opposites, i.e. at the same time with a portion of joy comes a portion of pain. And they alternate. This is commonly called black and white stripes in life. You form such a striped yourself, because the source of your requests and actions is the superficial mind — what you are used to calling consciousness. What you are not used to calling vanity.

You want love, because you are afraid of loneliness. You want money, because you are afraid of poverty. You want, because you are afraid!!! Fear is the basis of desires.

Fear for the brain is a passively defensive position towards life. You can not deceive neurons, body, soul with beautiful words about love and wealth, because the basis, I repeat, is fear.

Fear in this case is not your personal feelings, but specific programs, firmly written in the amygdala and hypothalamus. Fear is there. There is also aggression. Therefore, a person first wants out of fear, then resents out of aggression. So most individuals swing in this pendulum — fear-aggression. Of course, this is formed by evolution at the genetic level. Of course, these reactions are embedded in animal instincts. But a person can...

A person must stop these oscillatory movements, otherwise all his desires "from the mind" will lead to new and new sufferings.

A person does not know what to dream about

Pay attention: the desires of the body are fulfilled without excessive emotions. Ate. Drank. Slept. The realization of physiological needs does not cause trouble, if a person is "in general" healthy.

There are also desires of the Soul. They are also carried out without conscious intervention, because a person does not know/does not remember, for what purpose he came to Earth. But the Soul does not care about memory. It always acts according to its own scenario.

Well, for example, why become a dollar millionaire, if it has long been calculated that each person has enough for about 4-5 thousand dollars a month? All needs are met. And above this amount, a restless mind is connected: what else to buy, to "profitably stand out" from the others. And this is not just a sense of self-importance, but an ego with a huge admixture of greed. It smells bad... And with excess leads to loss of money and sluggish diseases. Not a person decides to get sick. The soul chooses such an impact on the body, to return the mind to its original function — to analyze "unpleasant" situations and effectively solve problems.

Remember: "strangely" fulfilled only imposed desires. Mikhail Zhvanetsky has a wonderful expression: "A person does not know what to dream about, until he sees it in someone else's hands". Yes... Unfortunately... Many people are used to forming desires from ignorance, fear and greed. And not to notice it... Because — "everyone lives like that". But they live unhappily! And the one who is unhappy, in this case, is not an authority for us.

Other people's myths destroy fate

You are given a certain amount of energy to go through life, and you spend it at your discretion. If you are bad now, then you pay for the previous desires, which led to your actions and formed the consequences. This should be taken into account. This should be remembered. There is no abstract energy!

You have heard thousands of times that you pay for your desires with energy. It sounds beautiful. And now let's say differently — for your desires you pay with fate.

Your energy is the number of breaths and exhalations, the number of heartbeats, the number of electronic impulses in the brain. So how many heartbeats are you willing to give up to continue fulfilling other people's myths about wealth and well-being?..

Someone has a car — and I need it. Someone has a house — and I need it. Someone has a million — and I need it. Someone has a husband/wife — and I need it. And maybe you are not prescribed by fate other people's "need". Maybe for you — for all of us — something wonderful is provided: a person close to the spirit, and not a stamp in the passport. Not millions in accounts, but a steady income from your favorite business. And not right now — "at your request", but then...

  • When you stop wanting.
  • When you stop looking for.
  • When you stop interfering with fate to fulfill what is necessary for you.

You really suffer because you do not remember... Do not remember what you need... So maybe it's worth not inventing from your mind for at least a few months? And see how events will develop. I highly recommend this technology of "making wishes". I call it "surrender to life".

Surrender to life

What do you lose if... You have nothing... Accept this fact. What can you take with you at the moment of death? What?.. What you take with you in flight is the most important thing...

You will not be able to take your husband, your wife, your lover, your children, your relatives, or your body. All your loved ones, who love you or cause you pain, are not you. Your body, which causes you pain, is not you. Your mind, which causes you pain, is not you. Your ego, which causes you pain, is not you. Your sufferings, which cause you pain, are not you.

Do you want to finally surrender to life? So surrender right now. All... Relax! You have nothing. Only when you realize this, fate will reward you with extraordinary generosity.

Just because your Soul knows why you came to Earth. And knows how to make this path rich, free and joyful. Not only for you personally, but for all living beings. Smart Fate... Hard to argue... Useless to insist... But easy — to Accept.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 7:45 AM 

Принимаю ❤️🙏❤️!!! Да будет так и ещё лучше! 🙏🙏🙏

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 6:38 AM 

Как-то я шел на работу и думал о том, как сохранить бы осознанность на работе... Я подумал, а какого хера я вообще напрягаюсь и парюсь? Все ведь тренировка. А не экзамен. Ну потерял осознанность. Ну так и найдешь. Это все равно что пропустить удар на тренировке. Неприятно, но не критично. Утерлись и работаем дальше.

Помогло видео Жуковца о желаниях. Там он для мужского ума все по полочкам разложил. Логично и доходчиво. Поэтому... какого лешего я должен париться и напрягаться. «Чем больше хочешь чего-то достичь, тем дальше уходишь от цели. Желание — это напряжение». С желанием сохранить осознанность, по моему опыту, это 100% верняк. Такое уже было как-то. Напрягался и вылетал. Расслабился и все пошло как по маслу. Наверное, принцип распростраряется на все. Так что расслабьтесь, ребята, 😉 и все получится.

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